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Skin Renewal & Ecdisys System
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Toxin Discharge System & Return to Origin Treatment System
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Unhwa Atopy Secondary Treatment
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Unhwa Medical Center's treatment is to remove the dead skin cells containing toxins and sprout out new skin by strengthening the heart.

Internally, Atopic Dermatitis arises from genetic factors like congenital fever, food, or mental problems like stress. Externally, environmental problems like polluted air and water contact with artificial toxic substances. The toxins made by these factors gather together in the skin and are accumulated, which develop skin lesions. That leads to erythema, canceration, or lichenification stimulating itching, and ends up with an abnormal life.

Previous Atopic Dermatitis treatments have not been systematic but just kept the condition from getting worse. It is thought to be the best to use both the evasion method (avoiding the factors of the disease), or environment and moisturizing treatment at the same time. Using steroids or antihistamines as extreme measures for temporary effects only encourages distrust of modern medicines.

If toxins in the skin are not eliminated, Atopic Dermatitis continues to appear. Once Atopic Dermatitis reemerges, the pain gets worse. This is the reality of Atopic Dermatitis patients. The fundamental solution to prevent a recurrence is to strip off the toxic skin and remove the toxins inside.

Skin Renewal Treatment focuses on the heart, the master of human body, to strengthen the blood and internal organs by building up the strength of heart, which allows new skin to form during the removal of the skin containing toxins. Although some people have to slough off dead skin cells several times, the toxins are eliminated, and the skin changed into smooth and clear skin whenever new skin formed.

It is Skin Renewal & Ecdysis System that discharges not only Atopic Dermatitis but also the toxins inside of the body to clean out the accumulated toxins and renew the whole body.


Forming new skin from within the body is called Skin Renewal.
During our lives, old skin is removed and replaced by new skin. Eliminating the dead skin cells, the body becomes new. But, whatever the reason, once a disease develops in the skin or the body, it begins to accumulate and changes into the normal cells which become toxins in the body.

When the toxins are accumulated, they changed not into normal energy, but the abnormal kind. We originally have the strength to defeat it, but the weakening of the body’s resistance in various environments allows the body to succumb to the disease making it spread.

There is a natural phenomenon where new leaves sprout from the trees, branches grows taller, and make the driving force maintain new life. Human beings are the same. If a disease blocks the strength forming new skin, it gets cracked or torn. It appears as pimples or boils on the body. However, Atox can adjust the life phenomenon forming new skin.

With torn skin healing and cracked parts filling out from within, the terrible scar outside will return to its original condition. Then there comes out new skin forming from inside, renewal, and the process, caused by the medicine to form new skin is called “Skin Renewal.” If anyone can replace the old skin of the body with new skin forming from within, it will serve as a momentum to lengthen our lives.


Ecdysis System literally means peeling off the dead skin.
By oneself, the way of taking off one's own skin and making new one is Ecdysis System. This has not applied to humans, but mainly to trees, crabs, or a few kinds of animals and plants. To change into healthier life, they changed their body, which is called ecdysis.

No one has expected this to appear in humans. This phenomenon has never been seen. However, my Atopic Dermatitis medicine produces the strength to defeat the disease. Although I do not know exactly what it stimulates, it peels off white polluted skin or keeps peeling with greater amounts in various ways in order to remove. A phenomenon that strips the body afresh and neatly, just like trees take off thier skin, crabs, or cicadas cast off the shells, in short it is the ecdysis system.   

After ecdysis, people get so weak at the early stage, but it becomes solid and strong after some time. The vulnerable skin changes into much healthier and more beautiful skin, maintaining elasticity.




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